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Director Meredith Marcinkewicz is pleased to announce the cast of "Bah, Humbug!"


Roy Ellis as Ebenezer Scrooge

Sam Sickorez as Bob Cratchit

Donovan Sickorez as Tiny Tim


Nancy Sawyer as Jacob Marley

Daisy Fowler as the Ghost of Christmas Past

Jenn Pacheco as Mrs. Cratchit

Asia Sanford as Scrooge’s sister Fanny

Jay Sickorez as Scrooge’s Nephew Fred

Playing multiple ensemble roles:

Jim Bargnesi, Mary Cooper, Angie Edmunds, Lucy Fowler, Matt Fowler Jr., Matt Fowler Sr., Donna King, Diane King, Lyn Lambert, Victoria Landry, Bob Marchetti, Marga Marchetti, Zachary Sickorez

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